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Arthur Casas

Magazine Architecture Interviews | 14 Nov 2017

He usually says that the surname determined his profession. But Arthur Casas´ intervention, currently one of the most prominent architects, goes far beyond the creation of iconic residential buildings.

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Architecture | 13 Nov 2017

In 2018, Marvila receives the first Lisbon project designed for the new generation

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Dream House

Magazine Architecture | 08 Nov 2017

When we enter this house, we enter a dream. It does not belong to us. It was not dreamed by us. But it is, all over and in the true sense of the word, a dream.

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Sanbao Art Museum

Architecture | 31 Oct 2017

In a village in which porcelains are ingrained in society and in the way of living, Sanbao Art Museum was born.

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The Sisters

Architecture | 28 Oct 2017

La Malbaie, lakeside, is the idyllic scenario that welcomes this family project

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Opening House

Architecture | 26 Oct 2017

It is a family house, in Atenas, Greece, built in the vertical axis. Designed by the Kipseli Architects studio, each floor has specific purpose e the colours are an essential element

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Architecture | 10 Oct 2017

In Aix-en-Provence, France, contemporary materials shape a “discreet” house, yet with strong lines, with character.

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José Carlos Cruz

Magazine Architecture | 06 Oct 2017

We go in and are welcomed by wooden panels that surround us and lead to what is the work space of the architect José Carlos Cruz and his team. There ideas are born, lines are drawn, plans and projects are constructed on paper.

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Magazine Architecture | 27 Sep 2017

With its head office in Tokyo, SANAA (Sejima And Nishizawa And Associates) is an architecture office founded in 1995 by the Japanese Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa.

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Architecture | 26 Sep 2017

CannonDesign + NEUF Architect(e)s worked, for almost a decade, to build the largest healthcare construction project, on North America

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Eduardo Souto de Moura

Magazine Architecture Interviews | 20 Sep 2017

In a life of clearness and continuousness, Eduardo Souto de Moura gave the world an honorable architecture, through an apparent simplicity.

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House for a Drumer

Architecture | 13 Sep 2017

On north of Gothernburg, Sweden, House for a Drumer is a project, by Bornstein Lyckefors architecture studio, that is part of a context in which the legacy of an old farm and warehouse is noticed

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