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Casa em Ourém

Magazine Architecture | 22 Jan 2018

In Ourém, centre of Portugal, more precisely in the Melroeira, is a single-family residence which leaves the viewer, overwhelmed. Our sight is caught by the house’s geometric shape, the colour of the walls, black, and the wood.

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The Dovecote-Granary

Architecture | 19 Jan 2018

Now rebuilt, by the hands of Tiago do Vale Arquitectos’ team, the Dovecote-Granary will no longer have any specific use - " it will be what the nature of the space lends itself to be"

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La Barquière

Architecture | 12 Jan 2018

La Barquière is a 62 housing Project, designed by atelier Pietri Architectes, in Marseille

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Mannheim Business School

Magazine Architecture | 09 Jan 2018

Red and white, below the earth. In addition to the green grass, which invites you to sit and observe the sky, and the historical building of the Mannheim Castle. These are the first features that stand out when we look at the munificently glazed façade ...

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Butterfly Studio

Architecture | 04 Jan 2018

The Butterfly Studio is an intriguing structure, which is hidden in Westport, United States, and was the winning project of the 2017 American Architecture Prize

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Mountaineer’s Refuge

Architecture | 03 Jan 2018

Only what was essential should be included in this cottage, which was projected by architectural studio Gonzalo Iturriaga Arquitectos

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musée YVES SAINT LAURENT marrakech

Magazine Architecture | 22 Dec 2017

For Yves Saint Laurent, Morocco, with its creativity, harmonies and audacious combinations, defined the style that characterized him so well, the boldness that described him.

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Villa Vingt

Architecture | 19 Dec 2017

With a magnificent view of the Laurentian hills and Lac-Beauport’s residential area, north of Montreal, Canada, Vingt Villa is perfectly anchored on a sloping site

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SIRI House

Architecture | 15 Dec 2017

Thought out for a family of four, brothers and sisters, and also considering the future members, architectural studio IDIN Architects designed a house with a large “utility space”

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Beresford Road

Architecture | 13 Dec 2017

A Victorian duplex, in Beresford Road, London, was revitalized by architectural studio Russian for Fish

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GOM House

Architecture | 07 Dec 2017

In France, more precisely in Montpellier, the redesign of villa from the nineties was the origin of a lovely space for the family that owns it

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Lego House

Magazine Architecture | 22 Nov 2017

Now, LEGO has its own house, made with the brand´s culture and values by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) architectural office. A glimpse is enough to absorb LEGO´s essence, magic and the imaginary-

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