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Art + Culture

Maus Hábitos

Magazine Art + Culture | 24 Jul 2017

Maus Hábitos, in Porto, is a synonym for a versatile place, where art, culture and a young, daring essence walk hand in hand.

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Music Summer Sessions

Art + Culture | 14 Jul 2017

The 19th and 26th of July mean a new edition of Music Summer Sessions, at Hotel Crowne Plaza Porto

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Tina Siuda

Art + Culture Videos | 11 Jul 2017

Her native country is Poland, but Portugal, more specifically the city of Porto, where Tina Siuda, an illustrator, established in such a way that she already feels at home in this town

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Art + Culture Videos | 05 Jul 2017

In Formosa Street, Porto, there is a place to visit - Alambique Bookstore, the winner of Portuguese Bookstore with Best Environment Prize, in 2017

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Júlio Dolbeth

Art + Culture Videos | 28 Jun 2017

Roof Magazine spoke with Júlio Dolbeth, one of the founders of Dama Aflita art gallery, in Porto

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Creative Camp 2017

Art + Culture Videos | 19 Jun 2017

From July 2nd and the 9th, Abrantes, in Portugal, will be the stage of 180 Creative Camp

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Game of Thrones Conference

Art + Culture | 16 May 2017

Tomorrow, May 17th, in the Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, a conference about the fictional architecture of Game of Thrones will take place

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180 Creative Camp

Art + Culture | 12 May 2017

From July 2nd and the 9th, Abrantes, in Portugal, will be the stage of 180 Creative Camp, a bootcamp which has several activities related to the “Creative Collaborations on Media Arts”, organized by the Portuguese Channel 180

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Unpredictable Spaces

Art + Culture | 26 Apr 2017

“Espaços Imprevisíveis” ("Unpredictable Spaces") is the exhibition that brings together the anthological work of Fernando Marques de Oliveira, at Cooperativa Árvore and Soares dos Reis Museum with exclusive pieces

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Marta Vilarinho de Freitas

Art + Culture | 24 Apr 2017

“Cities and Memory – the Architecture and the City” is a project by Marta Vilarinho de Freitas, an architect

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Daniel Cerejo

Magazine Art + Culture | 31 Mar 2017

We were in early 2013. Social networks cautiously entered the lives of the Portuguese. By now many were already using the famous Facebook, however few could imagine the boom of new mobile applications that would meanwhile originate the invasion of our ph...

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ROOF Magazine`s 1st Anniversary

Art + Culture | 22 Mar 2017

ROOF Magazine celebrated a year with all the people who make this project possible

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