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Mondo Deli

Magazine Flavour | 12 Jul 2017

Mondo Deli is a place made of a genuine way of cooking that gathers, literally, different sensitivities at the same table.

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Magazine Flavour | 05 Jun 2017

SKID from LIGNUM is a new chef knife produced with a combination of steel and wood, combining the knowledge of traditional blacksmiths and wood processing with modern technology.

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World Class List

Flavour | 08 May 2017

In 2016, Diageo Reserve World Class embarked on an exciting intercontinental journey to create the list of the world`s best cocktails

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Botanist Restaurant

Flavour | 24 Apr 2017

In Vancouver, at Fairmont Pacific Hotel, Botanist Restaurant just opened. With a menu by chef Hector Laguna, the Botanist has four spaces: dining room, cocktail bar and laboratory, garden and Champagne Lounge

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Eneko at One Aldwych

Magazine Flavour | 17 Apr 2017

After Bilbao, Basque cuisine was taken to London by Chef Eneko Atxa, more specifically to Covent Garden. Eneko at One Aldwych succeeds Azurmendi, a victorious success with three Michelin stars.

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Flavour | 09 Mar 2017

There is a new restoration project in Lisbon, in Príncipe Real, which has the signature of the chef Henrique Sá Pessoa

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Magazine Flavour | 06 Mar 2017

There is an emotional line that sews this story. The drive that moves isn`t new and seeks inspiration in the previous life that inhabited this space and in many other artistic expressions. We are talking about Oficina.

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Capela Incomum

Magazine Flavour | 06 Jan 2017

The adjective that qualifies the noun "chapel" may seem strange, but in fact this small church of an old private house does not have the traditional purposes of a religious worship place.

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Typing Room

Magazine Flavour | 02 Jan 2017

Considered to be one of the most pioneering restaurants in the British capital, Typing Room is located in East London, in the historic Town Hall Hotel, built in 1910.

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Rui Paula

Magazine Flavour | 29 Nov 2016

Serene, intense, rich, majestic, the sea is a symbol forever present at the Casa de Chá da Boa Nova in Matosinhos. The emblematic work of Álvaro Siza Vieira constructed between 1958 and 1963 is, since 2014, the space of creation for Rui Paula.

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Michelin Stars 2017

Flavour | 24 Nov 2016

The most famous gastronomic guide in the world announced yesterday in Girona, Spain, the full list of restaurants awarded Michelin Star 2017.

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Miguel Rocha Vieira

Magazine Flavour | 18 Nov 2016

The love story between Miguel and gastronomy began in the United Kingdom when, at 20 years of age he traded Cascais for London to study Hotel Management at the City of London College.

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