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Astória: The winter menu

Flavour | 13 Feb 2019

The Astória’s cuisine, the restaurant of InterContinental Porto – Palácio das Cardosas, is now under the command of chef Paulo Leite and, as of February 20 will be possible to taste the new winter menu

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Magazine Flavour | 04 Feb 2019

To democratize gastronomy. It was with this principle that Tiago Santos, the chef who now runs Quorum’s kitchen, created the restaurant`s menu.

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Coyo Taco

Magazine Flavour | 24 Jan 2019

Equipped in electric blue and neon lights that is how Mexico reached Príncipe Real. The history of this place makes us take a trip to Miami, to the artistic neighbourhood of Wynwood, where in 2014 a crowd lined up to get to know the city’s new Mexican...

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Magazine Flavour | 04 Jan 2019

But let us not hurry because this visit to Coimbra, although brief, deserves all our attention: we got to know Arcadas’ restaurant, in Quinta das Lágrimas, and tasted in nine moments the delicious cuisine of Vítor Dias.

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Tapisco Porto

Magazine Flavour | 04 Dec 2018

There are many things in life that are best when shared. The moments around the table, where food and experiences are common, is unquestionably one of them.

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Michelin Guide 2019

Flavour | 22 Nov 2018

The Michelin Guide 2019’s ceremony, for the first time held in Portugal was highlighted by the distinction of three new restaurants with a Michelin star

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Magazine Flavour | 20 Nov 2018

There are places that everyone should visit. There are people that everyone should know. That is what we felt when we visited Optimista and met Rita Andringa and Filipe Rocha.

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Flavour | 12 Nov 2018

Cut the obvious. That’s how IZANAGI presents itself, at Docas de Alcântara, in Lisbon

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SOMOS Restaurant & Lounge

Flavour | 08 Nov 2018

“We support sharing”. We only need this motto to understand SOMOS Restaurant & Lounge’s essence

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Flavour | 17 Oct 2018

It was there that, in the beginning of October, Motley opened its doors to be a new alternative with great food and sustainability in its heart

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Chef Tiago Bonito

Magazine Flavour | 10 Oct 2018

Tiago Bonito is the executive chef of Largo do Paço, the Michelin Star awarded restaurant, in 2004, which honourably occupies the charm hotel Casa da Calçada, in Amarante.

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Magazine Flavour | 27 Sep 2018

We are in Alvalade’s area, in one of the most frantic Lisbon streets, but immediately we are transported to the deepest East.

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