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Magazine Flavour | 01 Jun 2018

ZeroZero pizzeria opened in Prncipe Real and Parque das Naes in 2015 and 2017, respectively, and dressed up for the occasion to make us travel to Europes boot.

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Flavour | 29 May 2018

AKLA, InterContinental Lisbons restaurant, has a new menu, presented by chef Eddy Melo

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Brunch daTerra

Flavour | 23 May 2018

This is a daTerras novelty so it is 100% vegetarian. The buffet brunch joins the lunch and dinner menus and it is, obviously, healthy

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Soo - Taberna Asitica

Flavour | 14 May 2018

The hot eastern wind (Soo) is the one that blows from East, and Soo Taberna Asitica brings us the flavours and aromas of Japan, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea, in a gastronomic adventure headed by chef Lus Cardoso.

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Chef Helena Rizzo

Magazine Flavour Interviews | 11 May 2018

At the age of 21, she traveled to Europe and it was in Girona, Spain, after an unforgettable dinner, that Helena discovered in cooking a form of artistic expression.

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Magazine Flavour | 24 Apr 2018

The word midori means green in Japanese. We just have to look around to see why this was the name chosen for Penha Longa Resort`s Japanese restaurant.

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Magazine Flavour | 12 Apr 2018

This is a story dated to the nineteenth century. We make a momentary trip to the past, without the need of a Time machine, and appreciate the unique space that is the Merakia: Greek Mountain Thief Spithouse + Steak.

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Spring la Carte

Flavour | 28 Mar 2018

Spring has arrived to Astria restaurant, in InterContinental Porto Palcio das Cardosas, with new gastronomic suggestions by chef Francisco Pico

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Dinara Kasko

Magazine Flavour | 09 Mar 2018

From architecture to cake design, chef Dinara Kasko moves between them with a unique combination of lightness and grace, creating an art of her own that uses a part of both areas.

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Marlene Vieira

Magazine Flavour | 21 Feb 2018

After tasting chef Marlene Vieiras creamy cod rice, probably the best cod rice in the world, we will never forget the experience.

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Sushisan Porto Galerias de Paris

Flavour | 29 Dec 2017

Were in Portos downtown, more precisely in Galerias de Paris area. Our destiny, a bit forward in Rua Santa Teresa , is the new Sushisan

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Restaurant Astria

Flavour | 18 Dec 2017

The restaurant of Palcio das Cardosas hotel InterContinental Porto just premiered the first menu with chef Francisco Picos signature

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