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80 Portuguese Companies in Ambiente

Interiors | 08 Feb 2018

Starts tomorrow, 9th February, in Frankfurt, Ambiente 2018 - the biggest international fair for home and interior design

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Interiors | 07 Feb 2018

An ancient house from 1870, already in decay, was revitalized with a “dose of respect for its original Gothic Revival bones” and with “design ingenuity”

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Magazine Interiors | 29 Jan 2018

Institut National des Etudes Territoriales (INET). It is about this complex that we will talk in the following lines, we are writing about it to get you to known a space that was designed taking into account not only the surroundings but also the purpose...

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Ela Canela

Interiors | 26 Jan 2018

Open to the street, through the huge windows of the building, Ela Canela is a restaurant that is inspired by fresh and seasonal ingredients and healthy food to offer its guests an unforgettable experience

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Riviera Cabin

Interiors | 18 Jan 2018

Riviera Cabin is a project from the Italian architectural firm llabb, and consists in the renovation of a studio with 35 square meters

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The Budapest Café

Interiors | 16 Jan 2018

The characteristic visual aesthetic of filmmaker Wes Anderson was the inspiration of Australian studio Biasol to a café in Chengdu, China

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Magazine Interiors | 29 Dec 2017

Founded in 1983, Capcom is a Japanese company known worldwide for developing some of the most popular video games ever, such as Street Fighter, Mega Man or Dead Rising.

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Tianjin Binhai Library

Interiors | 26 Dec 2017

It is part of a plan to give the city of Tianjin a “cultural district”, this library, designed by the renowned atelier MVRDV, is an educative centre

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Interiors | 21 Dec 2017

In Toronto, Canada, about 28m2, which are the dream of not only its owner, but also of all who are audio passionate, were born. Headfoneshop was designed by studio Batay-Csorba Architects specifically for high-end headphones

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Interiors | 04 Dec 2017

In Bonfim, in one of the oldest urban areas of Porto city and with a strong industrial heritage, born the new offices of Blip

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Magazine Interiors | 27 Nov 2017

Entirely renovated, the Hotel Tofana integrates the mountain, both in architecture and interior design, in charge was noa*´s office.

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Interiors | 27 Nov 2017

In Montreal, Canada, Nature Humaine architecture and design studio, developed a “common, but deconstructed” space

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