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Studio Formafantasma

Magazine Design Interviews | 12 Feb 2018

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin. These are the names of the Italian designers’ duo who give life to Studio Formafantasma. With a unique design and constantly able to reinvent themselves, Andrea and Simone are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Château Malromé

Magazine Style | 06 Feb 2018

When we were told that we were going to Bordeaux to visit an ancient castle, our imagination traveled to the stories we were read when we were children. Castles, horses, old towers where secrets are hidden in the walls.

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Dalva Duarte

Magazine Art + Culture | 02 Feb 2018

It all started when Dalva was three years old, when she discovered coal and began to paint her house´s walls. The mud, in different tones was kept in jars, sticks, brooms, even her own fingers – everything served for her to express herself.

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Oscar Niemeyer

Magazine Architecture | 01 Feb 2018

To write about Revolution and Architecture, invariably forces us to remember the architect who had the strongest influence and that most revolutionized modern international architecture.

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Magazine Interiors | 29 Jan 2018

Institut National des Etudes Territoriales (INET). It is about this complex that we will talk in the following lines, we are writing about it to get you to known a space that was designed taking into account not only the surroundings but also the purpose...

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Casa em Ourém

Magazine Architecture | 22 Jan 2018

In Ourém, centre of Portugal, more precisely in the Melroeira, is a single-family residence which leaves the viewer, overwhelmed. Our sight is caught by the house’s geometric shape, the colour of the walls, black, and the wood.

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Martinhal Sagres

Magazine Style | 16 Jan 2018

It`s not often that a place touched by nature is shaped by human hand and remains, in essence, faithful to its origin. Such places are rare, but they do exist. No one would have said we were in the depths of autumn.

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Designmark group

Magazine | 11 Jan 2018

We dived in the DNA of Designmark group through the words of its CEO and creative director, Marc Kunz, who at the company’s most recent office in Lisbon, revealed the strategy of a multicultural organization that proves itself increasingly with distinc...

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Mannheim Business School

Magazine Architecture | 09 Jan 2018

Red and white, below the earth. In addition to the green grass, which invites you to sit and observe the sky, and the historical building of the Mannheim Castle. These are the first features that stand out when we look at the munificently glazed façade ...

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Anna Westerlund

Magazine Design | 05 Jan 2018

Anna Westerlund was born in Lisbon in 1978, but in her DNA she has the perfect combination between the soberness of northern Europe and the warmth of the south.

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Luís Onofre

Magazine Style Interviews | 04 Jan 2018

Luís Onofre is passionate about design, passionate for what is beautiful, and projects his shoes as precious objects. Nothing is eternal but, like a diamond, the Portuguese footwear designer wishes to extend his aesthetics in time.

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Karim Rashid

Magazine Design Interviews | 03 Jan 2018

The dictionary appears to contain few words to describe Karim Rashid. However, in an interview with ROOF Magazine, the designer who wants to change the world has no trouble in finding a number of them.

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