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Magazine Style Videos | 15 Sep 2017

We landed on the island of São Miguel, Azores, on July 14th. We were greeted by the sun and blue sky and upon arrival, we understood that we were blessed.

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Magazine Style | 13 Sep 2017

In an ideal world, we surround ourselves only with meaningful objects that tell a story. The one we want to be our story.

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Roadshow MINI City

Style | 05 Sep 2017

During the 8th and 9th of September, the MINI City Roadshow will be in Porto, more specifically at Sea Life. Between 11am 9pm, it is possible to visit “what would be MINI’s city”

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Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet

Style | 25 Aug 2017

Mercedes has already premiered its most recent contribution to the luxury car market. And the stakes are high. Maybach 6 Cabriolet is a car that gets close to the concept of a yacht, with a sporty design

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Perrin Paris x Zaha Hadid Design

Magazine Style | 09 Aug 2017

The known language of Zaha Hadid Design studio blended itself with the Perrin Paris incomparable craftmanship, in the exact right measure.

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Penha Longa

Style | 02 Aug 2017

Built in the breathtaking scenery of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and inspired by the maxims of Zen philosophy, the Penha Longa Resort’s Spa offers visitors an excellent experience

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Carnets de Traverse

Magazine Style | 06 Jul 2017

Julie and Renaud met at an advertising agency in Paris where, at the time, they were both artistic directors. The desire to share with the world the strong interests they have in common made them start the Carnets de Traverse blog.

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Style Videos | 04 Jul 2017

Layers, the fashion editorial of ROOF Magazine n.º 9.

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Cécile Boccara

Style | 03 Jul 2017

Cécile Boccara’s jewels came to 21pr Concept.Store in Lisbon

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Proof Eyewear

Style | 27 Jun 2017

Proof Eyewear is real and it bets on its products’ sustainability. Proof of that is the use of raw material “provided by the Earth”

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Style | 08 Jun 2017

At first sight, Bahaus and the Atlantic have nothing in common. However, both are names from Topázio’s new jewellery series.

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MANGO Journeys

Style | 19 May 2017

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Do not look back and join us on this trip. MANGO`s JOURNEYS campaign is already in the fifth episode and includes, each season, three stories that reflect the facets of different personalities

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