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Somewhere in Afife

Architecture Videos | 08 Feb 2019

Produced by Building Pictures, `Somewhere in Afife` is the video of Guilherme Machado Vaz`s most recent project

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[VIDEO] iF Design Award 2019

Design Videos | 01 Feb 2019

1190 participations were selected by the iF Design Award jurors, one of design`s most renowned prizes worldwide

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Interiors Videos | 28 Jun 2018

Founded in 2004 by the architect Pilar Paiva de Sousa, PPS is an architecture and interior design’s office, renowned by the interior’s projects for hotels and cruise ships

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Magazine Videos | 20 Jun 2018

Who has ever said that to think inside the box couldn’t be something special?

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TIME: Rehabilitation of Quinta do Bom Pastor

Architecture Videos | 18 Jun 2018

The video “TIME: Rehabilitation of Quinta do Bom Pastor” from Building Pictures about the project of the Architect Nuno Valentim, invite us to watch the rehabilitation process of Quinta do Bom Pastor

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Manuel Aires Mateus

Magazine Architecture Videos | 09 Mar 2018

An essential figure of Portuguese architecture, Aires Mateus owns, with his brother Francisco, a studio that looks at each program with an implicit enthusiasm.

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Ferreira de Sá Rugs

Videos | 23 Nov 2017

They have been weaving dreams for the past 71 years. In Ferreira de Sá’s factory, working since 1946, rugs, and the imagination of designers and clients, come to life

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The Insomnia Project

Videos | 13 Nov 2017

It is a project made by restless minds, to restless minds, which wants to produce edgy content about fashion, art and lifestyle.

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Steve McCurry

Art + Culture Videos | 27 Oct 2017

An exhibition which is a retrospective of the renowned photographer Steve McCurry’s work. That is how one can briefly describe “The World of Steve McCurry”

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Panca - Cevicheria & Pisco Bar

Videos | 23 Oct 2017

We tasted the best ceviche in Porto and we will tell you everything in the next ROOF`s issue

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Magazine Style Videos | 15 Sep 2017

We landed on the island of São Miguel, Azores, on July 14th. We were greeted by the sun and blue sky and upon arrival, we understood that we were blessed.

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Interiors Videos | 04 Aug 2017

At Barbot there is a story of innovation that is told every day

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