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180 Creative Camp

Art + Culture | 12 May 2017



From July 2nd to the 9th, Abrantes, in Portugal, will be the stage of 180 Creative Camp, a bootcamp which has several activities related to the “Creative Collaborations on Media Arts”, organized by the Portuguese Channel 180.
2017 edition already has various names, namely:

The Academy is a kind of “laboratory to learn and think” side by side with artists, and Factory is the area that invites artists to “create something in and to Abrantes”. On the other hand, Festival is a “programme open to the population”, in which are promoted activities that show their creativity and, finally, the 180 Media Arts Conference.
The invitation is extended to those “who work on subjects such as design, architecture, art, music, video, photography, illustration and installation”, and to the international creative community. It offers the opportunity to be with artists from other countries and to participate in workshops, besides the possibility of enjoying the city of Abrantes.



Photos: Canal 180

180 Creative Camp

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