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1888 Certified

Magazine Interiors | 09 May 2017



It may not appear to be but it is, in fact, a butcher. Located in Double Bay, Sydney, Australia, the 1888 Certified is a gourmet butchery whose owners - a fourth generation family of farmers - are 100% committed to sustainable practices. Truly believing that people are increasingly concerned about the origin of food, the owners of 1888 were determined to produce a new concept that would reflect "honesty, integrity and transparency." Scrupulous followers of the farm-to-table movement, the owners offer customers high quality local meat produce, carefully selected and presented in a very different environment from traditional butchers.
Inspired by the past of these producers and sharing the same principles, the Australian design brand TomMarkHenry developed the store´s entire interior design, creating a clean, modern and comfortable setting which goes against the cold and hostile environment that usually characterizes these locations.

Featured in ROOF 8



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Damian Bennett


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