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Architecture | 15 Sep 2016



After the 1st International Congress on Luso-Brazilian Construction History, that took place in 2013 at Espírito Santo Federal University, in Vitória, Brazil, the University of Oporto Architecture Faculty receive until the 16th of September, the 2nd CIHCLB. Dedicated to the theme Shared Cultures, the congress "aims to be a forum for discussion of the most recent studies on the history of constructive processes, between Portugal and Brazil, in its many influences that also pass through Europe, Asia and Africa".
Professor João Mascarenhas Mateus, the coordinator of the initiative, recalls the importance of this discussion. "The History of Construction fits, in my opinion, in the new Histories. It incorporates the Micro Histories and Cultural History, or the History of Cultures. I see the History of Construction as History of Constructive Cultures, ie constructive culture as systems of knowledge relating to how a particular community is organized in a way to use materials and techniques to build something in a given time and space. Therefore speak today of History and History of Culture is also talk about the History of Constructive Culture, that is the History of Communities and their relationship with the construction".
The Congress joins in Portugal big names of the History of Construction, as Bill Addis (UK), Robert Carvais (France), Santiago Huerta (Spain), Domingos Tavares (Portugal), Maria Grazia D`Amelio (Italy) and Mário Mendonça de Oliveira (Brazil).



Text / Photos: Isadora Faustino


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