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Tech | 09 Aug 2016



With AeroGT, an avant-garde concept-car, Bell & Ross comes to the automobile universe. Showing the creative power of the brand, this car is a fusion between a plane and a sports GT, with different features that evoke some planes, like the glazed roof shaped drop of water or the thin rear-view mirrors. The AeroGT is an extremely low car (1,10m), aerodynamic, with 4,7m long and aggressive forms, resembling some stealth planes. This concept-car uses advanced technology and presents first-rate performances. With an extremely contemporary architecture, containing two seats and a central motor, this car reaches 315 km/h and is a real featherweight - just 1320kg.


The presentation of this prototype comes with two clocks with a strong automobile inspiration: the BR03-94 AeroGT and the BR03-92 AeroGT. Both versions present padded straps in black leather, inspired by the inside of the luxury cars. The micro-perforations and the red stitching remind the sporty car seats.


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Bell & Ross


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