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Alexander Lamont

Design | 09 Nov 2016



Inspired by the decorative arts of Europe and Japan in the early twentieth century, the collections of furniture, lighting and Alexander Lamont accessories show his dedication to meticulous execution, rare materials and a refined creative taste for a life lived between East and West. With his office based in Bangkok, Thailand, the designer produces organic, sculptural pieces with a strong tactile component. In his workshop are also inserted craft ateliers, parchment, lacquering, eggshell, gesso, bronze finishing, among others, in order to preserve the methods and craft of design and experimental techniques.“I am interested in the meeting point of natural materials, time and form. The resulting works contain a vibrancy of surface created by the hours, hands and eyes that nourished them.” Alexander Lamont








Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Alexander Lamont

Alexander Lamont


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