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Ana Barros

Magazine Art + Culture | 27 Dec 2017



Ana Barros is an architect, lives in Vienna, and was the first Portuguese to work exclusively as an instagrammer. Ana created her Instagram account in 2010 and her daily posts became a habit. Her creative freedom and the possibility to travel often were the main reasons for Ana to set aside architecture and become a professional instagrammer. Moving onwards, in March of 2016, she created the agency We Are Better.


How did it all happen?

It was by accident. I left Portugal where I was very spoiled as I worked with a previous teacher and I was free to be extremely creative, however I always wanted to work abroad with an international team. I chose Vienna, but when I got to the workplace I didn´t have the same atmosphere – I was merely a labour force. I downloaded Instagram when it began, I started posting a lot of photos and, since I was a very active user from the beginning, Instagram itself suggested my account and made it really visible, which gave me a lot of followers. A few years later I reached 300 000 followers and it enabled me to work with brands, they paid me to create content and advertise on my account. In 2015 I left my job to pursue this dream.


When did you realize you wanted to leave architecture to become a full time instagrammer?

It was almost three years living a double life. I called Instagram my second life. I had a truly boring life during the week and at that point tried to organize all the clients over the weekend. Sometimes I could be in the office drawing a bathroom for a bank, and then go to Israel over the weekend to take photographs. I did this for a while, I never told my superiors as they wouldn´t understand. Up until one day when they saw an article in an Austrian newspaper and left their office questioning `Ana, what is this?` And I had to explain. It turned out to be good as they were afraid of losing me and gave me a lot more creative freedom. Gradually I got more proposals, we tried finding a system to reduce my schedule, but there was a moment when I believed `the day has come`.

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Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Ana Barros


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