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Aqua Creations

Magazine Design | 09 May 2017



A lighting and furniture atelier. Aqua Creations, was founded in 1994 by Albi and Ayala Serfaty. The atelier began as a small business and has grown into an international world-renowned brand driven by creativity and innovation.
All the pieces are handcrafted, this is one of the distinctive features of the brand. However, Aqua Creations seeks to integrate innovative technologies such as addressable RGB LEDs or motion lighting. It is continuously evolving and, the Creative Director, Albi Serfaty, considers them "one step ahead of the lighting industry". The fact that all pieces are handcrafted and in-house design allows the client to custom make their orders. The technology used is sustainable and advanced, offering multiple options regarding colour temperature and dimming control.

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Photos: Aqua Creations

Aqua Creations

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