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Arturo Alvarez

Magazine Design | 20 Jul 2016



If you could flick through a dictionary to find the word that best fits the work of Arturo Alvarez, “curiosity” would doubtless be the one you’d choose. Eager to experiment, over 20 years ago he created the lighting studio bearing his name, and has been running it ever since. arturo alvarez emotional light is the reflection of the work of years of experimentation, with the manual process one of the factors setting it apart. Arturo, born in a rural part of Galicia, Spain, began working in the area of lighting by mere chance, considering it a form of expression like so many others. Creative director of the studio, the techniques behind the construction of lamps are entirely developed by Arturo himself.
Natural settings leave an indelible mark on arturo alvarez emotional light, with the sea and the mountains serving as inspiration for a work that combines creativity, innovation and an exceptional skill for moulding materials. With the factory located in Santiago de Compostela, the studio strives to associate design with emotional well being, creating organic shapes that combine functionality and beauty through a constant play of textures and transparency.


Featured in ROOF 3


Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Héctor Santos-Díez

Arturo Alvarez

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