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Atelier des Créateurs

Magazine Style | 01 Sep 2016



In the rooms of the Atelier des Créateurs there`s an air of savoir faire that you won`t find in any other place of creation. Here, fabrics take form through the hands of expert craftsmen, who respect the school of traditional tailoring, combined with new technologies.
It was in the city of Oporto, in a listed building on the Rua José Falcão, that the Atelier des Créateurs found its home. It had to be this place. In 2007, when two French investors were looking for a solution for a business segment of clearly identifiable worth – the creation of luxury made-to-measure suits – they knew that would have to look in the north of Portugal. They assembled a qualified and discerning team and started to work with three clients in Paris. They don`t advertise and they don`t have any representatives around the world. In fact, they don’t need such things, as it is the work they carry out that perfectly reflects the essence of the Atelier des Créateurs.

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Diogo Rocha

Atelier des Créateurs


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