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Magazine Tech | 18 Jul 2017



It has been more than 25 years. The silver jubilee, in 2015, was celebrated with gold. That year, ATZ - AUTOMATIZADORA - launched the King & Queen special edition, which included gold plated handles, cylinder and locks.
It was founded in 1990 with the initial goal of manufacturing door hardware and locks for the North American market, ATZ focused at all times on international markets and, today, these remain above 90%. Ricardo Cruz, the company´s current executive manager, says that the products are suitable for all the different markets according to this purpose, such as North America or the Middle East. For example, Elizabeth - a key valued at 100,000 euros, with 1561 inlaid diamonds – was created aiming for foreign markets.
Nevertheless 2017/18 are the years in which ATZ wants to reinforce its presence more expressively in the Portuguese market. To do this, and without ever neglecting export markets, it returned to TEKTÓNICA and will be present at Archi Summit. Marco Cirino, sales manager at ATZ, highlights the importance of these exhibitions as there are, among others, architects and designers, the target audience that the company wishes to reach.

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Photos: ATZ and Isadora Faustino


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