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Barcelona, by Jordi Casañas

Art + Culture | 09 Nov 2017



Jordi Casañas is a catalan photographer. Barcelona is his birth city and it is Barcelona`s people, and life, that Casañas depicts in these photos in which people faces are not visible. Hidden by a sweatshirt, dark and blurred, or just because their owners were photographed from behind. It is the anonimous feeling of a busy city.
He works as a documentary photographer - for private as well as public entities - but, in parallel, also shows a very creative side. The photos are born from a premeditated moment, in which hazard plays a vital role. Casañas` aim is to find what Roland Barthes called punctum: "a detail, something that turns suddenly close, as if I was surprised by an unwelcome presence that disturbs me but, at the same time, makes me think".




Fotos: Jordi Casañas

Jordi Casañas



Art + Culture


Art + Culture


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