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Bazillion Apartment

Interiors | 14 Apr 2017

2 IN 1


Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, Bazillion is a comfortable, modern apartment signed by YCL Studio. With only 45 square meters, the compact apartment has been designed for short stays and is essentially one open space divided into two equal areas, with different characteristics. Separated by a ceramic-clad wall, one side of the apartment houses the kitchen and the living room, while the other contains the room and the bathroom. The common area, fresher and lighter, has a white wooden floor, a white ceiling and white walls. On the other part, the “warm part”, floor and walls are covered in tiles in three shades of an earthy reddish brown. The furniture of the apartment, in white, black and grey, has been carefully selected by YCL Studio, to create a natural and neutral connection between the two parts of the house.
YCL Studio was founded in 2011 and is led by architects Tomas Umbrasas, Aidas Barzda, Tautvydas Vileikis and graphic designer Rokas Kontvainis.



Photos: Leonas Garbačauskas / AGROB BUCHTAL

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