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BEHF Corporate Architects

Architecture | 02 Feb 2017



BEHF Corporate Architects won an Honourable Mention on Architectural Design/Commercial Architecture, of American Architecture Prize, for Shopping Nord Graz’ project.
The architects converted and extended the shopping, the largest of Graz, in Austria, so it would meet the actual and future standards. Armin Ebner, BEHF Corporate Architects’ design architect, said: “Our project tells a story, as architecture should do, it is about location development, refurbishment and sustainability and it is about the upgrade to a smart shopping center, which maximizes shopping, gastronomic, work and leisure experiences”.
Two new transparent pavilions, that house commercial outlets and restaurants, are connected to the main building by a single roof, creating a unique canopy, almost ten meters high. This canopy was constructed with reinforced stilts, that seem almost randomly placed and create a lively and bright place. An asymmetric, circular and glazed roof opening helps to underline this effect for it allows the entrance of natural light.
The architects’ intervention also modified the main building. The previously closed structure now has large glass facades that promote a better user orientation.



Photos: Markus Kaiser


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