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Blanche Chalet

Architecture | 22 Jul 2016



The Blanche Chalet, whose name evokes the spirit of the houses of the Charlevoix region, is characterized by a light and simple architecture that complements the surrounding landscape with a touch of modernity.
The abundant use of fenestration is perhaps what most characterizes the architecture of this house, offering to its residents a 360-degree view. The lowest level of Blanche Chalet is characterized by a cold and raw concrete and is a nod to the old wooden barns that once swept the landscape. This base also serves as the foundation for the main entrance and houses the technical functions of the cottage. Practically perched on the concrete base, the two upper levels are clad in a white wood, bringing lightness and joy to the house. In order to maximize the panoramic views of the living spaces that are at the top level, the four rooms are centrally located. In the kitchen and dining room, the architects didn’t abdicated the use of large windows, and the living room is housed in a kind of floating ledge that allows a direct and unforgettable sunset.
Located in Charlevoix, a region of Canada, this house is in constant connection with nature, thanks to the abundant use of windows and the use of natural materials like stone, wood and steel in its purest forms.



Project: ACDF
Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Adrien Williams



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