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Interiors | 04 Dec 2017



In Bonfim, in one of the oldest urban areas of Porto city and with a strong industrial heritage, born the new offices of Blip - the Portuguese web engineering company specialized in high performance web applications. In its exterior, the building that now welcomes Blip receives us with an imposing original facade emphasizing the impressive and outstanding masonry work and the huge wrought iron windows. Inside, we can already feel the effects of time – the space is characterized, on its walls and ceilings, by the constant and successive changes that the interior of the building has undergone throughout the ages.
Developed by the architects of Inception Architects Studio, the project`s creative concept was the development of an open space office with around 400 workstations that merge with common areas such as meeting rooms or leisure areas. And everything flows naturally, in a non-imposing ambivalence. On the contrary, the new space invites to work and to creativity in a simple and casual, almost informal way. Like the exterior, the interior of the building has been preserved. Bordered by white walls, the office has a cocoon that houses the open space and the large central court designed for 21 meeting rooms spread over two floors. A transparent pyramid enlarges and limits the visual horizons, organizing the work zones and "break-out areas" in a functional and relaxed way.
At the entrance, we are welcomed by a large reception area that also serves as a venue for internal or external events. In the back of the building, more common areas, intended for meeting areas and mural art, and an old automobile circulation ramp that connects the two floors. On the ground floor, there is also an auditorium, a "nap room", an infirmary and a gym with shower rooms.





Photos: Ivo Tavares Studio


Inception Architects Studio





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