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BLIP - Comfort Zone

Magazine Interiors | 01 Mar 2016

Efficiency and fun go hand in hand at Blip. Or better put, hand in hand, by scooter, barefoot, but without ever losing the notion of the ground and with enough room to fly.

There are ingredients behind the success of companies. One of the most important is a motivated, involved team, which moves within the space autonomously with the notion of shared responsibility. From the outset, when it was still a start-up, BLIP has always known what it wanted to be – a place where people like to work. This initial concept was retained and adapted as it grew, until it was bought, in 2012, by gambling site Betfair, one of BLIP’s clients. The project required a new spatial configuration. Strategically, BLIP wanted to be, on a single floor, in the centre of Oporto, as it believes in the notion of urban mobility. In seven weeks, the entire preparation for the project took place, with the “blipers” contributing ideas on what they saw as the ideal work place. The space, a large office next to Oporto City Hall, started out having 1500 sqm, for 144 people, and then it had 2600 sqm, for more than 200. (…)

Featured in ROOF 1

Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Orlando Fonseca and BLIP

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