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Boavista House

Architecture | 28 Oct 2016



Located in Portugal, in a well-known Porto street with the same name, Boavista House tells the story of an old building from the last century, transformed into a modern and comfortable family home. Despite the width limitations of these old buildings, the house boasts a generous garden, in the back, which allows the extension of the social area. The kitchen, in permanent contact with the garden, plays a crucial role in this relation with the outside. Exploring one of the main features of these old dwellings, the house boasts a large skylight that provides natural light and allows visual relations between the three floors.
With simple and modern lines, combining wood and light colours, this residential project is signed by Pablo Pita Architects.









Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: José Campos . Architectural Photography

Pablo Pita Architects

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