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Body Painting

Magazine Art + Culture | 30 Sep 2016



Desire to assert one’s identity and belonging to a community, symbol of protection against evil spirits, practice used in preparation for war, body painting was common to most tribal cultures. Using natural pigments, the members of the tribes decorated their bodies to come into contact with the divine.
From this primeval aim, today`s body painting retains its artistic aspirations, not to provide passage to the universe of the divinities, but to express the aesthetic materiality of the body. The artist uses the body for cultural representation, as a medium for their work, in a quest for harmony between the human anatomy and visual art.

Featured in ROOF 4


@Symbiodies, photo by Elena Tagliapietra 

@Blackpainter, photo by Dennison Bertrami


Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: ColorSensation


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