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Botanist Restaurant

Flavour | 24 Apr 2017



In Vancouver, at Fairmont Pacific Hotel, Botanist Restaurant just opened. With a menu by chef Hector Laguna, the Botanist has four spaces: dining room, cocktail bar and laboratory, garden and Champagne Lounge.
The menu displays the region’s culinary richness, such as sustainable obtained seafood and organic agricultural products. Between the signature dishes, one can find the oven-roasted halibut with spring vegetables and crab emulsion. The wine that accompanies the menu is part of Jill Spoor’s wine programme that supports sustainable and organic agricultural and wine production practices.
Botanist was design by Ste Marie Design and its first space is the Champagne Lounge. Besides the sparkling wines, in this space it is possible to savour oysters, caviar or cheese platters. With dark palette of Italian terrazzo, in the cocktail one can taste drinks with botanical inspiration. Going into the garden, the guests can enjoy and relax in a sheltered space, with glass walls, and with over 50 species of plants, including rare fruit bushes. The dining room prompt the guests to interact, due to a connection between the tables through an S shaped banquette.
The Botanist Restaurant invites who enter to get into a sensorial experience.






Photos: Ian Lanterman

Botanist Restaurant

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