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A house with a curved wall

Magazine Architecture | 03 Sep 2018



From the facade to the cobbled street. From a destructed space, so damaged that its recovery seemed almost impossible, to a house entirely rehabilitated, with ancient features but absolutely contemporary. From Fala Atelier to the cobbled street. Thus, a cycle was completed and another began for this house in Porto. It is a new life that maintained only the building’s pre-existing structure, whose sloping roof was the most distinctive architectural trait.
Now this new architecture gives it one more impressive plan, that will not go unnoticed: a curved wall, which gave name to the house and which separates, on the inside and naturally, the public and private programs. In the open space, which comprehends the kitchen and living area, only the absolutely essential furniture is found, such as chairs, and storage space.

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Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Ricardo Loureiro

Fala Atelier

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