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Casa em Ourém

Magazine Architecture | 22 Jan 2018



A house designed by the architect, for himself and his family. This is a decisive factor to understand the house that Felipe Saraiva constructed not only to meet his family’s “functional needs”, but also to “satisfy a range of architectural requirements" part of his “formal and spatial imaginary”.
In Ourém, centre of Portugal, more precisely in the Melroeira, is a single-family residence which leaves the viewer, overwhelmed.  Our sight is caught by the house’s geometric shape, the colour of the walls, black, and the wood. Filipe Saraiva’s architecture refers to a simple yet, at the same time, affectionate idea: the way a child draws a house, it consists of five lines, a rectangle and two squares. A house is a house anywhere in the world: it is always, as the architect says, our safe “haven”, “our own world”.
Filipe Saraiva projected it on a rectangular ground, a farmland, with a privileged view overlooking Castle of Ourém.

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Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: João Morgado

Filipe Saraiva

João Morgado

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