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Casa Nostra

Design | 02 Aug 2016



The project for the new image of Casa Nostra Fruit Shop focused all attention on the product. So, the designers opted for a neutral and monochromatic design, without many decorative elements, where the highlight is precisely the fresh vegetables and fruit for sale at the store. With a black and white base, we easily take attention to the colorful palette of products displayed in the shop in Barcelona. All the furniture present in the store was tailor-made, as the set of central hubs in metal and tile that mark the path of the store. The decorative lightening was also specifically designed for Casa Nostra.
Besides the concern with the interior design by Miriam Barrio, the designer Francesc Moret created the signage and graphic identity, that are very present throughout the space, in vinyl applications on the walls and tiles, and also in all the posters and merchandising.




Interior Design: Miriam Barrio
Graphic Design: Francesc Moret

Text: Isadora Faustino


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