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Style | 11 Apr 2017




IMPERFECTION is the most recent collection of CASK, the brand of Lisbon based fashion designer Rita Casqueiro, that wants to “portray what Man considers imperfect in the body” and highlight the resemblance between nature and human beings.
With this collection, the brand also wishes to show how “nature mirrors the human body”, giving way to a unique beauty that expresses itself in “different ways”, besides focusing the need to embrace one own imperfections in order to be happy.
Imperfection is assumed in its whole, including on the used materials such as the mesh fabric with finishing that resembles little holes.
Rita Casqueiro, when designing this collection, sought her inspiration on an ancient Japanese custom in which “broken objects” were repaired with gold. Like this “the flaw is seen as a unique part of the piece, that does not diminish it”, but adds “meaning”.
CASK represents the new image of Rita Casqueiro’s brand, that initially premiered on the mark with her given name, and that already has a collection: Tipical Portuguese.



Video and photos: Bruno Ferreira
Model: Ines Alessandra Gomes
Makeup: Sylvie Loves Make-up
Production: Rita Casqueiro

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