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Cella Bar

Magazine Architecture | 01 Mar 2016


There are plenty of good reasons to visit the Azores. Since 2015, there is another reason to add to the list: the bar-come-restaurant, Cella Bar.

Located in Barca, in Madalena, on Pico Island, this is a project certain to impress. For its organic shape, for the dialogue it keeps up with the landscape, for the revolution it has brought to its surroundings, the Cella Bar, a project of Portuguese origins, which has been worthy of national and international acclaim, is a landmark for the region, and already considered one of the best bars in the world.
Cella is the Latin word for storehouse. Part of the Cella Bar is located in an old, abandoned wine storehouse. Beginning with this structure, the project, designed by architect Fernando Coelho, from FCC Arquitetura, has evolved to include the design of a new volume, which expands out from the original building like a giant sculpture. The walls, roof and doorframes of the original building have been restored, while the new extension is a contemporary creation, contrasting with the classic language of the building to which it is attached. Two different spaces are thus created: the original basalt-stone construction is home to the restaurant; the contemporary timber construction holds the bar. (…)

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Text: Ângela Rodrigues
Photos: FG + SG | Architectural Photography



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