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Centre de Services Le Bonnallie

Architecture | 09 Feb 2018



Perfectly fitting its surroundings, Centre de Services Le Bonnallie, designed by Anne Carrier Architecture seems to have been sculpted in its place. The interplay between the structure’s interiors and exterior stands out.
In the centre, the building – located in Mont-Orford, Canada – is open so as one can enjoy the view of the lake. Then, it takes a “sharp change of direction”, highlighting the entrance and “defying the slope”.
The roof rises, it opens up for an unmatched view of Mont Chauve. The angle also allows to “better control incoming natural lighting”. Another singular characteristic of this space are the stairs, the covered passageway and walkways that connect the interior spaces with the exterior.
Being amongst nature, the natural surroundings – the lakes, the mountains and the forest – inspired the choice of materials. Wood provided a feeling of “warmth and coziness” and the “textures, materials and colours” allow the “building’s appearance to shift with each passing our”.



Photos: Stéphane Groleau
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