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Chengdu Zhongshuge

Interiors | 29 Jun 2017



Chengdu is an ancient city in the southwest of China. There, besides the various teahouses where one can taste the Sichuan tea and listen to storytellers, we find a Zhongshuge bookstore, designed by X+Living studio, whose interiors, and the books, surprise and enchant.
“Bamboo shaped bookshelves” and tables that seem “bamboo shoots” are some of the bookstore’s singularities, which can be seen right at the entrance.
When visitors get to the children’s section they find a truly different world: on the walls, the bookshelves are shaped as pandas, windmills and houses. But what stands out the most are the mushrooms, on a kind of boardwalk, “shielding the children” who read books beneath them. Almost in contradiction, the reading areas are sober.
This bookstore includes a “lecture hall”, where the ladders also allow to sit and listen. The mirror ceiling, a Zhongshuge particularity, was also applied to Chengdu’s store.



Photos: Shao Feng



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