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Château Malromé

Magazine Style | 06 Feb 2018



When we were told that we were going to Bordeaux to visit an ancient castle, our imagination traveled to the stories we were read when we were children. Castles, horses, old towers where secrets are hidden in the walls. Nothing disappointed the idealized setting we created in our mind. The unique chance to get to know intimately the past, the present and a little of Château Malromé’s future, overwhelmed us.
We left Porto on October 12th, the sun had not yet risen, we landed in Bordeaux close to lunchtime and, truly, lunch was waiting for us.
The image which we had idealized became visible. The extensive gardens, the vineyard fields nearby and the castle, with its fairy tales’ towers. The old house of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, artist and lithographer well-known for portraying Parisian bohemian life, expresses a familiar aura and takes us back in time.


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Text: Inês Mendes e Isadora Faustino
Photography: Isadora Faustino

Château Malromé

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