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Cinderella 2.0

Style | 23 Mar 2017




A high heeled crystal shoe is the main object of a Disney fairy tale in which the main character is a girl who is tormented by her stepmother and half-sisters. But Josefinas wanted to retell this story and make Cinderella a “strong and independent woman”, where the crystal shoe is replaced by Josefinas Louise, hence Cinderella 2.0.
With Oupas Design, a company from Porto, Josefinas converted their window display, in New York, into an artistic installation. Totally made by hand by four women from Oupas Design, paper is the used material in this installation.
Josefinas’ Cinderella 2.0 creates “the metaphor of a modern, strong, independent woman, that does not need high heels to dream and conquer”, matching the brand’s mission, meaning, “inspire and give power to women”, says Maria Cunha, Josefinas’ co-founder and Chief Officer of Dreams.



Photos: Josefinas


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