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Cirque du Soleil

Magazine Art + Culture | 09 Sep 2016



Dynamic, rhythmic, light and agile, seemingly defying the law of gravity, the body revealed in circus performances clearly explores its physicality, becoming a concrete object, manifested in gestures and movements outlined in the space of the stage, in an interweaving of images, figures and sounds that exert a fascination given the apparent disregard for their weight and density.
One moment sublime, in its acrobatics and flexing, the next comical and grotesque, in the expressivity of buffoons, the body of the circus artist expresses itself in the flight of trapeze artists, in the unusual balancing skills of the tightrope walker, in the malleability of the contortionists, in the inspiring sleight of hand of jugglers and magicians and in the quirks and theatrical antics of clowns.
Body-sign, as it is both matter and meaningful potential, with a language based on exceeding the limits of human possibility, the substance presented in the arena by the artist encourages you to study this body, transforming this body into a space of multiple identities, of varied impressions and interpretations. What is exposed on the stage isn`t just a physical and biological organism, composed of flesh, bones, muscles and tendons. It is rather a sense repertoire, a sensorial place in which sentimental and emotional actions come together.

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Photo: ©Martin Girard; Costume: Philippe Guillotel

German Wheel; Photo: Al Seib; Costume: Dominique Lemieux ©Cirque du Soleil

Hand to Hand; Photo: Richard Termine; Costume: Dominique Lemieux

Chinese Chair, Photo: Owen Carey; Costume: Marie Chantale Vaillancourt © 2010 Cirque du Soleil

Rings Trio (5); Photo: OSA Image; Costume: Kym Barrett ©2010 Cirque du Soleil


Text: Paula Monteiro

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