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Companhia das Culturas

Magazine Style | 06 Nov 2017



No sun can compare to the sun that touches our face as we step out of a train and into a peaceful landscape. It`s a sun that caresses our body and tells us to relax. We listen. We let ourselves be embraced by the tranquillity of the place, but the warmth and the late-morning light, which seems to shine especially for us. We are in Castro Marim, in Eastern Algarve, and our destination, Companhia das Culturas (CC), is only a few short minutes away.
We arrive and tranquillity reigns. An almost silence, a blanket of peace. There, thoughts follow one another at the speed of the leaves fluttering in the soft breeze. Located in the countryside of Castro Marim, CC is an agri-tourism unit, which invites us to rest and contemplation. Everything predisposes us to a serene state of mind.
Francisco Palma Dias and Eglantina Monteiro, the mentors of this project, created a space deeply connected to its surrounding region, to local products, to traditions. Companhia das Culturas was born out of the pre-existing ruins of a farmhouse, an inheritance – kept in the same family for seven generations – that they took over in the mid 90s. Designed by architect Pedro Ressano Garcia, the property’s restoration took into account requirements like energy efficiency and the recovery of rain and grey water. There was also an effort to preserve the identity of the space – the whitewashed walls, the predominance of the white colour, the ceiling structure in the lounge (once an oil press), the dryland crops preserved by the owners. Hence the use of traditional construction techniques, alongside contemporary ones.

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Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Isadora Faustino

Companhia das Culturas

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