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Coupée Croisée

Architecture | 09 Aug 2016



Coupée Croisée is an architectural project that is the extension of Ville Mont-Royal cottage, the enclosed garden-city of Montreal. Surrounded by quality lands of excellent dimensions, the architects wanted to take advantage of the natural qualities of the local and adopted a concept who named the project. The building was cut (coupé) in two, keeping the street-side half, and adding a new half focused towards the yard. The residence is organized by a cross (croisé) pattern. After the YH2 Architecture project, the house is articulated by the wooden cross that links the pre-existing building and the new construction, as well as the entrance hall to the pool at the end of the garden. In the front area of the house, the original architectural properties were preserved, and the rear zone was completely built anew. The common vision shared by the architects and the landscape architect allowed a unified development of this garden-house, base on the permanent contact between the house and the surroundings. Thus, the imposing fenestration that characterizes the entire building opens space to the garden and the south light, and the outdoor pool becomes part of the whole, strengthening the link between interior and exterior.



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Francis Pelletier




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