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Magazine Tech | 23 Sep 2016



Human existence is currently confronted by the evidence of its body, by obsession with the image it emits, by the vehement terrorism of standards of beauty and of perfection.
More than the concern for the image of the body we carry and change according to the standards that are imposed on us socially and culturally, the body is the target of technological experiments, which have artificial reproduction as their purpose, bridging its gaps, exceeding its limits.
The human is no longer just this organic amalgam that forms it, rather the hybrid blend with the inorganic, with the machine. It is an enhanced human being, a creature resulting from the promiscuous merging of flesh and silicon, bones and cables, veins and tubes, nervous system and electronic circuits. Also, in the name of science, of medicine and of therapeutics, genetic copying of a cell, of tissue or organism is performed through asexual reproduction.

Featured in ROOF 4


@Agatha Haines, Transfigurations

@Yves Gellie, Human Version

@Anouk Nitsche, Production + management: M+M, Studio: Partners Studio

@Howard Schatz, Retrats d’Aimee Mullins, 2007, © Howard Schatz Beverly Ornstein


Text: Paula Monteiro

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