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Design | 21 Feb 2017



Design, craft, furniture. DAM is a Portuguese brand that combines these three areas and, above all, wishes that its objects tell a story. Those objects stand between tradition and modernity.
It does not need to travel too far to get inspired. Inspiration comes from ordinary things from everyday life and the Portuguese culture. The goal is simplicity, but also quality of life, searching the renewal of a “collective heritage that stays genuine” and builds a “bridge between Culture and Economy”.
But who is DAM? Joana Silva e Hugo Santos are the co-founders, and both graduated and did their masters in Design, at University of Aveiro. They “develop integrated Design solutions”, which includes strategic thinking as well as identity and technology, and apply it to equipment, graphic and web interfaces design.
On Ambiente, in Frankfurt am Main, they presented new objects that show, physically, the brand’s concept. Among them COLOMBO, the pigeon, and DUO that, coated with a material that ward off dust, stains or oil, can be either a bench or a support table.



Photos: Courtesy of DAM


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