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Daniel Cerejo

Magazine Art + Culture | 31 Mar 2017



We were in early 2013. Social networks cautiously entered the lives of the Portuguese. By now many were already using the famous Facebook, however few could imagine the boom of new mobile applications that would meanwhile originate the invasion of our phones. Daniel Cerejo had, at the time, his first smartphone. Caught by a "creative bug" led him to download the app that would change his life in so many ways. We are talking about Instagram - the social network where @dcerejo began to explore his "more artistic" side. At first, virtually just for fun, in a continuous search for expression, Daniel did not expect that the time he dedicated to his creations and observed each photograph in detail could bear him so many benefits in the future. Today, it boosts thousands of followers and Instagram turned out to be more than a hobby. Submerging himself in his own universe, the Portuguese instagrammer forms amazing scenes - inspired by "films and comic book stories" - and presents a very individual aesthetic that makes us travel through a unique fantasy, almost always influenced by science fiction. In 2015, after some international sites began to publish news about his work, Daniel was enquired by several brands to develop business partnerships.

Featured in ROOF 7



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Daniel Cerejo

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