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Destiny: 2017

Magazine Tech | 12 Dec 2016

Connecting the world through knowledge, talent and creativity will always be one of the greatest challenges, year after year. We live in an era of globalization, the concept is not new, but we also live in an era of urbanization, with over half of the world population living in the centre of cities (it is expected that in 2050 it reaches 2/3). The urban centres are the upholding strength of an effective change in the mentality and from them arise a daring awareness which stems from the different educational institutions, investigational groups and work, from the experimentation of new ideas and the reinvention of old ones. Connecting the cities of the world to global knowledge is a complex feat to follow but not impossible if we think that the distances become more and more dissipated.
Without reading into the future, there are central themes which are under debate in the upcoming year. Today, consumers are more and more interactive, conscientious, and it is not odd that topics such as health or the experience of the consumer are on the agenda. Therefore, as we listen to the signals of 2017 and identify an urban mobility, the new technologies associated to the textile industry, health, the experience of spaces and the experiences of the user are the main themes that are featured for the coming year. And because, in truth, 2016 has still not concluded, we transfer to review some of the projects which most stand out in these areas.

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Photography: © moovel

 Photography: © Rob Chron © Field Condition | Photography: ©Layer


Text: Cátia Fernandes

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