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Dinara Kasko

Magazine Flavour | 09 Mar 2018



From architecture to cake design, chef Dinara Kasko moves between them with a unique combination of lightness and grace, creating an art of her own that uses a part of both areas. It is, above all, an art that is carefully crafted and prepared: Dinara works with 3D modeling technologies that are then printed on silicon, to create cake moulds she then uses to produce astonishing, geometric, beautiful cakes.
She enjoys developing “something new, making some experiments and getting good results” in what she takes on. It is a different kind, irreverent pastry that seeks, simultaneously, to touch the striking and the delicious. Approximating the peak of pastry.
Dinara Kasko has become “famous” and this is one of her greatest accomplishments. She also wishes to share the art she promotes – an essential input for the chef – and, for that reason, the moulds she draws are available to buy. Rather than being a limited pastry, it should be a global one. She would like “more people to use [her] moulds and make some experiments that would inspire them to create something of their own, something new and creative”.

Fesatured in ROOF 13



Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Dinara Kasko

Dinara Kasko

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