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Dior Miami Flagship

Architecture | 30 Nov 2016

BarbaritoBancel Architects


The new Dior Flagship in Miami, was designed by the French-Italian company BarbaritoBancel architects and is located in the Design District of the city. The Miami Design District is a new area located in the North of Miami, where the cultural and artistic dynamism speaks louder. There, art, design, fashion and luxury meet, and the art galleries are intertwined with the luxury boutiques in creatively designed spaces. It is in this stimulating context that Dior summoned BarbaritoBancel architects to design the new building of the brand, with the desire to transpose the atmosphere of the historic Parisian address to the heart of Miami.
Elegance, tradition, creativity, nobility, innovation, know-how and wonder. The values that constitute the identity of Dior are present in the new flagship of the brand in a space that combines high fashion and architecture.






Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Alessandra Chemollo

BarbaritoBancel Architects

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