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Magazine Flavour | 09 May 2016


Filipa Cardoso gets lost in time when she tries to remember the first moments that caused her to fall for cooking. Her memories are as fresh as freshly-picked ingredients, and she can’t resist sharing them in the project she now embraces, body and soul – diospiro. Being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition – arthritis – at the age of 20 caused Filipa to reconsider her lifestyle choices. She discovered a universe of authentic foods and combined them with meditation, tai chi and yoga, curing her condition in the process. She has travelled the globe in search of teachings on gastronomy and healthy eating and diospiro was the natural result, developing from her desire to combine ingredients, cooking and photographing them, and bringing her healthy and healing message to people in workshops, private sessions, events and retreats.

Featured in ROOF 2


Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Filipa Cardoso


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