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Architecture | 15 Dec 2016



Like other historic centres of European cities, the downtown Porto, Portugal, is growing visibly and is creating new and important dynamics. To meet the city`s needs, it is urgent to promote new solutions and revitalize the entire historic centres. In this context arises the District of Porto - a business and trade centre which houses offices of technology companies, architecture, design or publicity agencies. Right in the heart of the city, the building, which was occupied by the Civil Government of Porto, is dating from the eighteenth century and is characterized "by the sobriety of the construction of that time". According to Francisca Ribas, the architect responsible for the project, "the intervention will be very little intrusive" and it was decided to keep "all walls and partitions possible". Besides the main building, also the space that formerly served as the PSP garage will be completely refurbished and will be occupied by a restaurant area.
The new District of Porto has opened doors but will only be fully ready in 2017.



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: District Porto


Hemmingford House



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