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Double Duplex

Architecture | 27 Apr 2017



The Double Duplex is located on one of the historic neighbourhoods of Toronto, Canada, where one can find houses with over a century. The aim of this project was to answer the growing need of alternative housing models in the city.
The site was divided in two different properties and, in each one, a duplex residence was built. Located in what is now a neighbourhood with a large artistic community, Double Duplex fits in and pays tribute to that context through geometry and textures, for example. However, Batay-Csorba Architects did not try to replicate the work methods of the XIX century, but, instead, to make a new interpretation of some of the main architectural elements: vertical lines, steep roofs, the front balcony, high ceilings, and large windows, that allow the entrance of natural light.
Keeping in mind that the location is an artistic neighbourhood, it was created an artistic installation that enables the perception of different forms depending the angle of the light, on different moments of the day.



Photos: Double Space Photography

Sketch: Batay-Csorba Architects


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