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Dream House

Magazine Architecture | 08 Nov 2017



When we enter this house, we enter a dream. It does not belong to us. It was not dreamed by us. But it is, all over and in the true sense of the word, a dream. In fact, this space was effectively designed and built with a particular aim: to materialize its owner´s dream. Also here everything has been designed in detail not only to fulfill the functional needs of this family, but also satisfy all the client´s desires. We are at the Dream House in Athens, a project signed by Kipseli Architects that satisfies all the requirements of "a dream house", mainly for the family that lives there. As they deeply desired it, the Dream House combined the antique and the classic to coexist harmoniously with the simple geometric forms of contemporary architecture. Divided into two distinct forms, the merge of the classic and the modern is achieved straightaway in the house´s exterior. The construction´s facade, built in stone and painted in white, incorporates the entrance, the living room, the master bedroom and the attic. The pitched roof, the small openings, the huge high ceilings, the use of stone. These elements make it clear: this is a tribute to traditional architecture.

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Text: Isadora Faustino

Photography: Kipseli Architects

Kipseli Architects

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