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Eduardo Souto de Moura: Continuidade

Art + Culture | 26 Jul 2016



Eduardo Souto de Moura: Continuidade, curated by the architects André Campos and Sergio Koch is the exhibition that can be visited in the South Garage of Belém Cultural Centre, until 18 September 2016. The exhibition features scale models and eight original videos, by Takashi Sugimoto, that talk about the symbolism and analogies in the work of the architect. For this exhibition, Souto de Moura and the commissioners chose seven projects: the project of Tua (still in progress), the House of Stories Paula Rego (2008), the Tower of Burgo (2007), the Braga Stadium (2004), the Metro of Porto (2001), the House in Arrábida (1994) and the House in Moledo (1991).
Also as part of the exhibition, in August and September there will be outdoor cinema in the Garden of Olives with a series of films chosen by Eduardo Souto de Moura. The architect’s cinema choices will be projected every Saturday at 21:30.


August 13 - The Gold Rush - Charlie Chaplin

20 August  - Shirin - Abbas Kiarostami

August 27 - Pina - Wim Wenders

September 3 - The Gold Rush - Charlie Chaplin

10 September - The Green Years - Paulo Rocha

September 17 - The Marquise of O - Eric Rohmer


@House in Moledo, Takashi Sugimoto

@House in Moledo, Diogo Nunes

@Tower of Burgo, Takashi Sugimoto

@Tower of Burgo, Diogo Nunes

@Braga Stadium, Takashi Sugimoto

@Braga Stadium, Diogo Nunes

@Tua Dam, Takashi Sugimoto

@Tua Dam, Diogo Nunes

@The Green Years, Paulo Rocha

@Shirin, Abbas Kiarostami

@The Gold Rush, Charlie Chaplin

@Pina, Wim Wenders

@The Marquise of O, Eric Rohmer


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: courtesy of Belém Cultural Centre



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