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Ethnic Minimal

Magazine Interiors | 01 Mar 2016


How many times have you wished that comfort were a tangible material, that could be worked and modified like an object to make the very most of spaces? In this Lisbon apartment, carefully prepared by Lígia Casanova, comfort has been studied and manipulated as a fundamental principle.

Natural light flows into every room, carefully settling. This is how it is throughout the day on the top two floors of this building in Lapa, in Lisbon, decorated by Lígia Casanova. There are no curtains. The windows cutting through the walls are purposely fabric-free so that the sheen of the city can permanently be part of the interiors – indeed this is one of the conditions defined by the client, a couple in their 40s, parents of one pre-teen girl. The work brief featured other essential premises, in addition to light and comfort: respect for the contemporary architecture of the space, current and minimalist decoration and a particular penchant for ethnic styles. Caught between the permanent desire to travel and the need to remain in the comfort of their home, the owners of this 140-sqm duplex apartment with three (plus one) bedrooms,  conceded creative space to Lígia Casanova, who chose a very special theme, which served as the name and guiding principle for the entire project: Ethnic Minimal.

The property’s first floor contains its social areas – living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom –, which excel at making a welcoming impression. Here we find a clear sensation of wellbeing, achieved from the outset through the colour of the walls, the objects decorating the different spaces and the various rugs that comfort the unshod feet passing through the property. (…)

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Atelier Lígia Casanova

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